2010 Construction

Construction Details

2019 Construction


Trees and brush within the right-of-way are cleared to allow the fence to be installed. Installation will take place in Alton and Springfield.

Temporary Crossing Closures

Temporary grade crossing closures may be needed to complete the crossing improvements. The majority of the remaining crossings to receive improvements are located in Springfield. The work will be coordinated with local communities. An updated list of these closures can be found here.


Significant work will take place in Springfield including track and signal upgrades as well as crossing improvements. The Springfield Amtrak station will also receive improvements. Learn more about the improvements in Springfield here.


Significant work will take place in the City of Wilmington. Improvements include replacing the Kankakee River bridge, First Street bridge, and Forked Creek bridge. The Kankakee River bridge will be expanded to accommodate future double-tracking and the existing track will be replaced and shifted to accommodate a new second track. The grade crossings will receive safety improvements, including crossing protection gates and pedestrian gates.

Positive Train Control

Positive Train Control (PTC), a safety system that uses advanced communication systems to avoid collisions with other trains, protect maintenance workers, and enforce speeds in slow zones is being installed throughout the corridor.

Learn more about the improvements here.

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