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The installation of Positive Train Control (PTC) is anticipated to be complete this year. Amtrak is in the process of installing PTC related equipment on all locomotives. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) has issued PTC guidance for running trains up to 90 MPH and field testing of the PTC system is required. Once PTC installation is complete and approved, Amtrak trains in the Chicago to St. Louis High-Speed Rail corridor will begin operating at higher speeds.

The Program will continue to work on completing the improvements around the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.


Program Activities

In 2018, the Illinois Department of Transportation completed infrastructure improvements in Alton, Springfield, and Wilmington.  A significant portion of the Chicago to St. Louis High-Speed Rail corridor infrastructure is now in place and the program is installing Positive Train Control (PTC), a safety system that uses advanced communication systems to avoid collisions with other trains, protect maintenance workers, and enforce speeds in slow zones.

Stations along the HSR corridor have been rebuilt or renovated to increase passenger safety as well as to provide additional passenger amenities. All improvements along the 3rd Street corridor in Springfield have been completed. New diesel locomotives have been delivered and are in service.

Springfield - 3rd Street Improvements

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) completed all improvements along the existing Amtrak Lincoln Service route on 3rd Street. These enhancements are designed to increase safety and accommodate the operation of higher speed passenger trains.

The City of Springfield has taken the lead on the Springfield Consolidation Plan, also known as the 10th Street Improvements. This plan, supported by IDOT, provides for the relocation of all 3rd Street rail traffic to 10th Street sometime in the future. For more information about the City of Springfield-led 10th Street project, please visit http://springfieldrailroad.com.

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